Asaram’s 10,000 crore empire

Dear Aroon Purie,

I’m writing here in response to article published in INDIA TODAY August 17, 2015 about Asharam Bapu. The article is an irresponsible one which is bashing one of the oldest charity organisation in country which has always worked for poor and needy. Instead of bringing truth to people and giving an objective story, author here has painted a picture of lies.

India today claims that : Rishi Prasad and Lok Kalyan Setu makes an annual profit of 10 Crores.
Let me enlighten you that your investigative journalist was surely smoking pot while writing it because numbers don’t add up here. Rishi Prasad and Lok Kalyan setu are monthly publication which sells at cost of mere Rs.2.50. Ashram is selling these magazine at zero profit to make sure quality literature reaches to middle class and lower class followers of Bapu. If a Rs 2.50 magazine is making 10 crore profit than I wonder how much your weekly magazine India today is making? Billions probably!

Article goes on to claim that Asharam Bapu’s CD sales were 1 crore every 2 days, I promise you Karan Johan would have signed him long ago if that was the case.
Your article profess that ashram receives 150-200 Crores in donation each year. Asharam Bapu is known as masses Saint. Majority of his follower belongs to lower class or poor class. Asharam Bapu’s satsangs and shivir have always been free unlike Art of living or Ramdev’s yoga shivir who charge their followers. Also if you would care to listen even one cd of Bapu he always tells his followers that he doesn’t want monetary funds from followers only chanting God name will be his guru dakshina.

India today further maligns Ashrams good work by saying that money was collected for bhandara done for poor people, which is a blatant lie as Ashram has never collected money or appealed for any donations. Each line in this article is a lie and I can go on and on about what a poor piece of fiction it is.

India Today group which also owns Aaj Tak, mMusic Today, India biz, Business Today and several joint ventures with foreign brands is a wealthy affluent media group. However, as they say Money can’t buy you class. India today has stooped to cheap tactics to please their sponsors (Vatican missionaries here). It is not the first time India Today group has opened front against Asharam Bapu. In September 2010 they broadcasted a sting operation where they said Asharam Bapu has agreed to keep a woman with criminal background in his ashram. When I investigated it further it was revealed that interview was a highly edited version where channel themselves took a woman to Bapu and tried to talk him into giving refuge to her. I challenged the channel and asked them to show unedited version of interview to which they shamelessly replied that I should take them to court of law.

Vatican Missionaries whose mission is a Christian India found Asharam Bapu as their biggest nemesis. To remove him out of their way they have used unfaithful treacherous Indian media who would stoop to any low for money. India Today group which is one of the wealthiest in country has shown that money is more important than country or religion. They have sold their soul to these western merchants of religion. In history I read about Jaichand, Aroon Purie you are modern day Jaichand who has everything but for insatiable thirst of money you have sold soul to the devil.



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This time it is Asaram Bapu !

In the yearly prediction for India posted on December 31, 2012 – I had mentioned this along with other predictions – *scams and scandals involving spiritual people – here is the URL – is a million dollar question about, why do spiritual people get themselves entangled in these kinds of scandals? And if they do why do they get caught? Well finding themselves in these situations isn’t new for holy people – even Jesus Christ was defamed with regards to Mary Magdaline who was supposed to be a whore in His times.

Tantrik Chandraswami was accused once, and was later proven innocent. There were 1000s of cases against Satya Sai Baba for possible paedophilia – again all baseless. Then we had our Premananda, who was arrested for multiple rapes and imprisoned for a double lifetime – he eventually died of liver failure inside the jail. Swami Nithyananda’s sizzling videos come up when you search for porn on google. And Jayendra Saraswathi was arrested for his possible involvement in a murder and also improper behaviour with his female disciples!There seems to be a strange commonality where in except Chandraswami, all the other saints in the list were booked for improper sexual conduct. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has not made to the list yet – he surely will come with a bang – it is just a matter of time.

The hidden facts

I personally know a woman, a close aide of Jayendra Saraswathi, who was offered Rs 4 lakhs by the Tamil Nadu Police Department to fabricate a story of sexual molestation against the Guru. It wasn’t about the murder or about any sexual misconduct – the matter was about a dispute between the Guru and the then Chief Minister with regards to a real estate property. Sexual misbehaviour is the easiest way to defame any spiritual Guru anywhere in the world. It works perfectly.

Premananda was basically from Sri Lanka, and in a very short span of time had his own spatial ashram with people from all over the world flocking to his ashram – a real bad news for the Tamil Nadu government, which was then struggling with the Sri Lankan refugees.

Politicians have never liked anyone else having a crowd for themselves, because it becomes very hard to win elections if a particular Guru becomes an opinion leader later. Any Guru who is hand in glove with the government and their policies will always have an easier life in the spiritual world. If you rebel, you will be axed for sure. Premananda spent rest of his life inside Vellore jail. And what was he doing inside the jail? He was giving discourses to the inmates everyday.

Satya Sai Baba’s problems reduced to a very large extent once Presidents and Prime Ministers started visiting his ashrams regularly. And also Sai Baba escaped the axe very intelligently by providing water schemes for the state and also by donating enough funds to the neighbouring states. Who would want to kill or defame a golden egg laying duck?

The land value of Bidadi was almost nil when Nithyananda started working on his ashram. He started doing well, people started flocking, the real estate values increased multifold, and moreover he was a Tamil – a sect of people hated by most of the locals. Place a camera under the Guru’s ass, and you take home a point. From close associates of the Guru I know that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is always good with the government. No wonder he had this red light flashing on top of his car, and also the government has agreed to have metro station till his ashram. As a native Indian we all know the truth that no Indian government body works in our favour or even works without money being thrown at them.

Today it is Asaram Bapu. A 16-year-old books him for sexual assault, and expected damage has been successfully done. The case will go on and the truth as always will prevail.

This phenomenon of mud sledging and defamation isn’t copyrighted to India hence we cannot take much pride in it. It happens all over the world, even in the United States of America. The moment any government feels that an individual can become a threat to the voting behaviour, they send sexual charges knocking at their doors – who can forget all the bullshit thrown at Michael Jackson.

Truth Stands Revealed Scandal Mongers like Amrit Vaidya Exposed

Some opportunistic elements have taken on themselves to malign Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu through their odious tricks and have to that end invented false stories in extremely deplorable and utterly futile attempts at tarnishing the whiter than white image of Pujya Bapuji. The attempts of these elements to mislead the society are being relentlessly carried out to date. But dailies published from Amdavad Nirmal Gujarat, Lokamitra, Karmaputra, Gujarat Pravah, Gujarat Mitra, Alpaviram, Bindu and others – tell us what the elements bent on maligning Bapuji are getting in return. It has been said, VERSE ‘Tormenters of saints lose the three – lustre, vigour and family.’ This is what is happening to detractors of Pujya Bapuji. Someone is behind the bars; another is ready to abscond; some are facing discord and conflicts at their homes; someone has become half-lunatic; someone’s family members are seeking forgiveness; while the police are on the lookout for someone. Thus all these people are facing nature’s wrath.

News reports say that Rajesh Solanki, who schemed to malign Bapuji and Nagji Desai who caused damage to the Ashram in Bapunagar area at Amdavad have landed in jail thanks to their black deeds. Sukharam, the so-called ‘aghori’ who had levelled false allegations at Bapuji had claimed to be a disciple of one Gambhira Baba, said to be a descendent in the tradition of renowned saint Kinnaram. But enquiries to saint Kinnaram’s Varanasi Ashram have revealed that no disciple by the name of Sukharam or Gambhira Baba is connected to their Ashram. The people who had earlier been duped by Sukharam had filed police complaints against him who is now absconding as the police are after him. People say that even the notorious Amrit Vaidya will soon be behind bars for his evil deeds.

Amrit Vaidya who had failed in running his own clinic had come to the Ashram after selling off all the effects at his clinic and converting the sale proceeds thereof into a Fixed Deposit in the name of his father. After some time, greed and dishonesty got the better of him and he started prescribing non-required and costlier medicines to patients coming to the Ashram and sending them to his own ‘Bhaktiyoga Pharmacy’ thus making them undergo costly and non-required treatment there. His primary objective became to extract money from patients coming out of faith in Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu. Even complaints of indecent behaviour towards female patients were received. Because of such behaviour, he was expelled from the Ashram. But he tendered apologies and continued to stay. When all this became too much, he was finally expelled and the Ashram authorities refused to take him back whereupon he made it the aim of his life to malign the institution that had nursed him and saints in general. The Ashram was constrained to caution the public at large by giving notices in Vadodara’s ‘Sandesh’ dated 26th December 2005 and in Vadodara’s ‘Divya Bhaskar’ dated 27th December 2005 that Amrit Vaidya had been expelled from the Ashram and that the Ashram would not be responsible to anybody dealing with him as someone connected to the Ashram. Thereafter Amrit Vaidya played another game to extract money from the Ashram. He claimed to be a salaried employee of the Ashram and demanded his salary for past months. But he was trapped in his own net. Amritlal had clearly said in his own letter to the Commissioner of ‘Food and Drugs Regulation Authority’ Gandhinagar that he had been rendering honorary service in the Ashram. Such people lose no opportunity to become instruments in others’ hands and to mouth all sorts of nonsense against the saints. Shame on these renegade elements!

Discriminating readers! You must have by now understood the true colours of the selfish elements out to malign Pujya Bapuji and His Ashrams. Living in India, they are destroying Indian culture. This is what many wise men and newspapers say. Now all of them have been exposed and people have come to know the fate they have met.

Some channels and newspapers flashed headlines, ‘Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram at Bhavnagar bulldozed.’ Their trick failed miserably as the sadhakas all over the country were unfazed because they make phone calls and find out the truth and inform one another. It was not Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram but the land of ‘Shankar Mandir Public Trust’ at Bhavnagar that was bulldozed. Shri Shobhraj Maharaj is the founder of this trust. Even today if one visits Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram in Budhel area at Bhavnagar, one will find satsang, food-grains distribution, japa, Bal Sanskar Kendras etc. being carried out at the Ashram. This is one more in the series of false propaganda wherein the conspirators have been unmasked.

Good newspersons and newspapers wedded to truth are impelled by their very nature to save the society from being misled by exposing the elements inimical to culture and religiousness engaged in carrying out their malicious intent of maligning the saints. Some of the facts exposing the elements engaged in carrying out their malicious intent have come out. We may get more such news and startling facts in times to come.

Even as these elements are going all out to malign Bapuji and the Ashram, look at Bapuji’s magnanimity. In spite of all this, he only says, ‘May God be kind to these people as well! May God grant good sense to them! May God grant good sense to all!’

Friends! Readers! This reflects the saintliness of the saint! It is easy to shower expletives like ‘gunda’ and ‘killer’, but attaining to saintliness and living a saintly life requires tremendous amount of sacrifice. Making a show of social service is easy but rendering real service to the society is extremely difficult. Many hallowed activities are being carried out under the divine guidance and inspiration of Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu. Lakhs of people are being delivered from sorrow and disease; crores are attaining true Knowledge. Bapuji has done Indian culture proud in and outside the country. The great soul is above kith and kin, castes, creeds, sects and faiths. He belongs to all of us. If somebody, playing into the hands of alien powers, acts like throwing bones in the sacrifice of Bapuji’s divine endeavours, people will not allow it. Exposing such people and protecting Indian culture is the sacred duty of all of us. Come, let us cleanse the atmosphere of malicious propaganda and fill it with the fragrance of good publicity.

What Is Brahmacharya In Married Life?

Asaramji Bapu


Lord Siva said:

न तपस्तप इत्याहुर्ब्रह्मचर्यं तपोत्तमम् |

ऊर्ध्वरेता भवेद्यस्तु स देवो न तु मानुषः ||

“Celibacy alone is the supreme penance. Of course, other penances (such as keeping fast and silence etc …) are good in their place, but they are all inferior to Brahmacharya. That Urdhvareta saint who has done penance over the restraint of the sexual organ is not a human-being but God.”

Brahmacharya is also hailed in Jain scriptures.

तवेसु वा उत्त्मं बंभचेरम् |

Brahmacharya is the supreme penance.”

Lead a well-regulated, moderate married life. Even as a householder you can be a Brahmachari, by sticking to the principles of Grihastha Dharma, by moderation and regular worship of God. Marriage should not in any way lead you downwards in your spiritual path. You should keep the spiritual fire ever blazing. You should make your wife also understand the real glory of a spiritual life…

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What do the followers of Asharam Bapu feel about his arrest and the allegations?


I am not a follower. I didn’t even know he existed (because I was atheist till my research). But I have been doing research on all famous Hindu godmen since  the movie pk (because I am a right winger hindu). My results were shocking and for the first time I felt ashamed of not being a good hindu.


Except for Rampal (he was a congress stooge which was protected by Hooda sarkar), not one has been proven guilty.

Some facts (and not mere opinions)…

Swami Nityanand- sex scandal caught in a CD, sex CD proved to be doctored, court ordered  Star Vijay Channel to run an apology every 2 hours for a month

Swami Ramdev- Accused of financial irregularities by Tehelka (yes, the one run by Tejpal the actual rapist), later accused by CPIM for financial irregularities. Nothing happened of his case.

Jayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya- he was charged for murder on one  occasion, and attempt to murder on another occasion, was held in jail for 9 months, and proven not guilty. The then govt wanted to lay hands on 83 kg of gold in the treasury of a big temple (don’t remember name). This is the case where Asaram defiantly campaigned in favor, and came under notice of the anti-nationals.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim SIngh Insan- allegations of involvement in a shootout, when that didn’t work, accusations of rape and murder (by guess who? Tehelka again, i.e. Tejpal). Even those didn’t work, no a case of force castration is being raised (oh, btw, his movie was stopped by the censor board yesterday, any seculars tom-toming freedom of speech here??)

Sathya Sai Baba- again cases of rape and paedophilia, due to extremely massive public support, they were not pursued further. However since his demise, a variety of cases have cropped up.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh- Languishing in jail since 10th October 2008. Has NEVER BEEN TAKEN TO COURT FOR TRIAL FOR 6 FRIGGING YEARS!!!! That makes it illegal to keep her jailed for 6 years but nobody knows because we are modern people busy in achieving modern and scientific dreams.

Finally, Swami Asaram Bapu- Again falsely kept in for more than 1.5 years now, there is no legal case of rape (article 376), not even of sexual assault since the beginning (lamba, the police head involved from jaipur has said this himself, it’s a video footage, not even text. He IS IN JAIL EVEN THOUGH THE OFFENSE IS BAILABLE. Stings of all people that are shown are those people who have been kicked out for frauds within the sansthan.



What is common in all cases?
1. All of them some way or the other affect corporations, schools, doctors, spirit industries, etc.

2. All of them (except Sai Baba) have crossed swords with Sonia Gandhi somewhere in life. Asaram has been the most open and defiant challenger.

3. Media shreds them to pieces doctoring allegations, but never shows their acquittal.

4. However, despite being proven not guilty, all of them have faced reduced support in one way or the  other. This can be further proved by the massive support to pk by hindus.

PK’s premise is that don’t believe in godmen in search of god because godmen are fake. THIS PREMISE ITSELF IS PROVED WRONG AS WE CAN SEE.

Moreover, technically speaking, any person who is a devotee to them can vouch, the godmen do not teach way to god, they teach WAY OF LIFE! Not much difference one may counter, but anybody who understands psychology will tell there is a MASSIVE difference.

Finally, I never went to godmen till now. But when Asaram comes out, I will.

Being scientific minded and modern that we are, you may not believe me. This is a report on the Asaram Case. If you are moved by it (it was an eye opener for me), please share it wherever you can.

One more thing, the famous pic of a white girl sitting in the lap of (allegedly) asaram bapu is actually Swami Virato, an american who is a follower of Osho Baba. And the lady in the pic (in white skirt) is his wife.

We are Hindus in India, we should be ashamed of our counterparts who are NRIs. It’s only after you live in a foreign land, away from your own people, that you understand the value of having an identity, the need to identify yourself uniquely, to be connected to the roots, to be Hindu.

I hope you can draw your own conclusions. I have more to say. Ask me to edit if you want.

Asaramji Bapu

आसारामजी बापू Asaramji Bapu

I am not a follower. I didn’t even know he existed (because I was atheist till my research). But I have been doing research on all famous Hindu godmen since  the movie pk (because I am a right winger hindu). My results were shocking and for the first time I felt ashamed of not being a good hindu.


Except for Rampal (he was a congress stooge which was protected by Hooda sarkar), not one has been proven guilty.

Some facts (and not mere opinions)…

Swami Nityanand- sex scandal caught in a CD, sex CD proved to be doctored, court ordered  Star Vijay Channel to run an apology every 2 hours for a month

Swami Ramdev- Accused of financial irregularities by Tehelka (yes, the one run by Tejpal the actual rapist), later accused by CPIM for financial irregularities…

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Asharam Bapu running away from the police

Exposing how #paidMedia changed the total case on Asaram Bapu ji by behaving as the “Self-Styled Judge!!

“Media Trial :
Asaram bapu was trying to run away and was hiding from Police, to skip the arrest!

Face off:
1. In our judicial system, everyone has d right to apply for getting the interim bail against any arrest warrant, if one is not well on health grounds.

2. Bapuji at that time was suffering from severe health issues [medical reports provided to media too],thus applied for interim bail & was waiting for the court’s order.

3. Meanwhile he had to go for Surat ‘Janmashtami-Utsav’.

4. Eventually, that time only, one of his closest devotees-cum-relative at Indore passed away by a severe heart Page on attend his funeral..Bapuji had to move to Indore, from where He was finally arrested!

5. When Media started showing fake news of “hiding from police”, Narayan Sai himself sent a fax to Jodhpur police to tell them about the location!

> All these updates about Bapuji were being covered by media only at every second!

> If media was showing all these things,how can it be said that Bapuji was hiding?


Is Asaram bapu followed by Women devotees , any MORE ?

31st August 2014 ,

20,000 women on street,with saffron caps on their head and black ribbons tied on arms ran a Peaceful protest rally from Rajghat to Jantar Mantar Delhi.

Thousands of devotees gathered at Jantar mantar underneath the heavy rains .


“It has been one full year since the day Pujya Bapuji was taken on the pretext of enquiry. We are here to announce the DAY as Black day -ANYAY DIWAS ” – said the women disciples of Bapu .

Sudarshan News along with other nationalist channels covered the voice of thousands.

Suresh Chavhanke, chief editor of Sudarshan News asked today-

When will Bapuji get bail?

“Pujya Bapuji despite his 75 years of age and medical condition has not been granted bail for one year when the maximum punishment of the alleged crime is 3 years maximum. Panels have been set up due to submit report about medical condition. The natural question that arises is why the panel could not have been set up earlier and why the Government is taking so long to submit report.”

This was also the sentiment as reported in the rally as well as in the phone calls of audience viewers Sudarshan News.”

According to the women supporters at Rajghat – “1 year of continual pain has its anniversary today, one of the cruelest acts in mankind’s history when The Innocents went in Jail and Criminals earned fame, money, compassion, and sympathy. Phew!” – said Roopali dubey ,Ex Lt. Short Service Commission (Indian Navy),President Akhil Bhartiya Nari Raksha Manch, Delhi.”

A revolutionary chronicle with numerous protests and political turning points prolongs.

Other young women from the crowd raised her opinion while talking to nearby standing Police official in security.

“Since a year, News channels made TRP’s, Ignorant flooded social media posts, all on name of Innocent Sant Pujya AsharamJi Bapu. Anyways, whatever abuses were/are targeted on innocent Saint and his followers is a history than and stupidity now.”

BUT Justice is still awaited.

The massive rally proved the sensibility and power Indians owe to their experiences rather than relying on media which runs nonsense paid defamation coverage’s on Hindu saints.


These women by raising their voice in Public collectively made a huge impact on resting masses.

10 Reasons every Indian must know why Asharam Bapu targeted

It is well known that none of the Self Realized saints were ever untouched by defamation .

Asharam Bapu is undoubtedly THE greatest saint of 21st century .With over 40 Years of Selfess Service, Over 425 Ashrams, more than 1400 Samitis and 17000+ Balsanskars, 50+ Gurukuls, atleast 60 Millions of Sadhaks,Devotees & Followers.

Apart from the above mentioned facts Asharam Bapu is a hardcore Deshbhakta & Nationalist . And is the force to reckon with .His literature apart from guiding the spiritual aspirant to the highest level of consciousness, also addresses a wide field from health to peaceful family life to correct lifestyle among others.The children at Balsankars & of sadhak families are taught from childhood to respect the motherland , to be proud of their rich culture & heritage , to be a proud Hindu .

Major attacks on Asharam Bapu started when the Italian waitress Sonia Gandhi came to power in 2004.

1. Sonia Madam,Bharat Chhodo

Asharam Bapu orders Sonia Gandhi to leave india newspapercutting . madam bharat chhodo सोनिया मैडम भारत छोड़ो
Sonia, Leave India

Asharam Bapu was THE ONLY dignitary to have said this . Others were just muttering under their breaths

[मुझे एक वाकया याद आ गया.. जब संत आशारामजी यहाँ आये हुए थे । ड्राईवर भूषण और एक अंगद सेवक बापूजी के पास बैठे थे । संत श्री लेटे हुए थे। उस समय पिछले चुनाव के परिणाम घोषित हुए थे।सेवक ने अख़बार पढकर खबर सुनाई- सोनिया का प्रधानमंत्री बनना तय। कल होगी घोषणा।बस दूसरे दिन सोनिया शपथ लेने वाली थी।

सुनते ही बापूजी बोले- हट ! अगले सैकड़ों जन्मों तक भी नही बन सकती

सेवक- परन्तु पूरी तयारी हैं कल तो शपथ लेगी?

संतश्री- अरे ब्रह्मवाक्य हैं ये. कोई ताकत नही बदल सकती।और किसी न किसी निमित्त से माहौल बना ..विरोध हुआ। और दूसरे दिन परिस्थितिया ही बदल गई]

2.Destroyed Xian Proselytization in Tribals Belts of India

Asharamji Bapu vs Xian missionaries.
Bapuji destroyed conversion
Pope John paul convert heathen India
Pope John Paul in India with Sonia & Rajiv Gandhi

3. Vehemently Opposed Destruction of Shri Ram Setu

Bapuji slammed thegovt on Sethusamudram Project
Bapuji slammed the govt on Sethusamudram Project ,

Mega mother of all scams – Thorium scam .The reason why Ram setu was to be broken

It was Homi Bhabha’s vision that Indians will go for Thorium Nuclear reactors, considering that we have the world’s best Thorium reserves, in the Monazite sands of Kerala. Thorium has 150 times more power than Uranium, and does NOT run the risk of meltdown or explosion.

Our president Abdul Kalam had told on national television years back that India must develop Thorium based nuclear reactors. Thorium contains 150 times more energy than Uranium and is the MOST efficient combustible .

India is world’s No 1 in Thorium nuclear reactor R&D, ahead of USA, Russia and China.  Thorium is safe and not prone to runaway reactions, and its waste products remain dangerous for a shorter period..Thorium is the energy for the future and everybody knows India’s potential in this field.

The contract for SethuSamudran would be given to a american company who under the garb of dredging would take away all the sand to US. Thus keeping the land at the mercy of nature besides desytroying the rich biodiversity . It was because of Shri Ram Setu that areas beyond Tamil Nadu were protected

4.Parents Worship Day on 14 February

An initiative of Asharam ji Bapu, Parents worship day was a response to the immoral Valentine's Day
BBC covers the trend #HappyParentsWorshipDay

The celebrations of such days as that of ‘Valentine’s ’ have been the main reason behind degeneration of moral values of the nations that have discarded the traditional sexual values, and are encouraging people to lead an immoral life. This has caused the degradation of such nations. Seven percent of American children now have sex even before they have become teenagers. 85 percent of American males and 77 percent of American females have had sex by the age of 19. Even after spending crores of dollars on ‘abstinence only’ campaigns in schools, the governments of these nations are unable to solve the consequence problems. Therefore, countries like India should preserve their traditional sexual values by imposing a ban on ‘Valentine’s Day’, and the government must encourage institutions, which promote ethical values so that such problems may never arise in this country.

As per the Innocenti Report card no.3, at least 1.25 million teenagers become pregnant each year in the 28 OECD nations. Of those, approximately half a million seek abortion and approximately three quarters of a million become teenage mothers. 4,94,000 teen births are accounted for by the United States. Every year some 3 million American teenagers contract a sexually transmitted infection (about 1 in every 4 sexually experienced teenagers).

5.Cow Protection

Bapuji has more than 5000 cows , whose dung urine ,milk, etc provides employment to millions of poor
Saving & nourishing cows rescued from being taken to slaughter houses
Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram, Nevai houses over 4700 cows. Some years back there was a terrible drought in Rajasthan and these cows were being sent to slaughter houses.
Moved by the plight of the cows, Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu intervened and acquired all the above cows after compensating the farmers, the cows were acquired. But how to sustain them in a water scarce region? Where to mobilize funds for their fodder and sustenance? And the fact that these cows were being sent to slaughter houses was a pointer that these cows were not rich milk-yielding cows. So income from sale of milk produce would not suffice to sustain the cows.
So a distillation plant was set up here in Newai and now you have gau mutra being sold as gau jharan ark (filtered concentrate) at all ashrams.The cow dung too has immense purifying value. It is also a fuel . So you have cow dung being used at Newai ashram for manufacture of gau chandan dhoop battti. Pujya Bapuji mentions that he invariably uses gau chandan dhoop batti in his meditation room in preference to other dhoop vatti as it helps in cleansing the bad vibes .Another medicinal produce from cow is panch gavya- a mixture of cow milk, cow ghee, cow dung, cow urine, cow curd.The cow dung at Newai ashram is also being used to manufacture khechua khaad(a special type of compost manure). These manure has found a huge demand in the tea gardens of Assam.Another spin off benefit of the Newai ashram has been that it has created lot of employment opportunity for the local villagers, who were without any livelihood in this arid region.Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram provides source of livelihood to more than 200 families of Newai and villages nearby.

6.De-Addiction Campaigns

Such de addiction campaigns have bought losses in millions of rupees to MNCs
De Addiction campaigns inspired by Bapuji

7.Reviving Indian Education through Gurukuls

 MODERN EDUCATION n VEDIC SANSKARS overall PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT not seen in regular schools-pic students surya arya n science lab pink
Sant Shri Asharamji Gurukuls


 Vedas vs Macaulay
Vedas vs Macaulay

Asharam ji  Bapu exposed convents as a front of missionaries which start mind control of young fresh minds by injecting poison about Hindu Gods,culture & religion . Gurukuls reversed this trend , apart from this the result is spectacular too.

8.Never bowed down to Desh-Drohi Foreign Funded Media

Media asking for  "package "
youtube-Bapuji advises media
Aajtak demanding Rs 1 billion
Aajtak demanding Rs 1 billion

Many times the Xian missionary /wahabi funded media demanded money in the forms of “package ” from Asharam Bapu with a threat to air false & misleading and doctored news against Him. Bapuji never paid a dime

9.Losses to multi national companies in India

Economics hit hard
Economics hit hard

The economic reasons are very obvious now that sadhaks are using the products of ashram like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, oil, dhoop bati, agarbati and hundreds of Ayurvedic products etc.causing a huge monetary loss to the multinationals who want to capture the Indian market by hook or by crook.
The other economic reason is that whosoever becomes a sadhak shuns or avoids tea, coffee, cold drinks,, cigarette, liquor, processed meat and other fast food. These products are mostly made by multinational brands that are losing a vast market share and a significant chunk of their profits as the sadhaks are avoiding these products. So in order to sell their products they want sadhaks to become non-sadhaks or non-believers. In order to achieve this nefarious design they implant false and frivolous stories and controversies on our Satgurus so that at least some people are weaned away from our Dharma gurus.

10. Stupid Gullible Hindu

subramaniam swamy
gullible Hindu

The gullible Hindus do not see the bigger game plan of the Anti-Hindu Forces and their covert way to defame Hindu saints.