Stating few of them –

1. His just presence can make you feel exact PEACE .

2.He has enlightened 50 million people spiritually.

3. 50 years of selfless social development work .

4. Keenly responsible for enlightening the significant aspects of Sanatan Dharma across the nation.

5. A Spiritual Revolutionist who has inspired and encouraged millions of people to Live life spiritually and work for Humanity .

6. Voiced against the worst Political party of India in reference to Ram setu , Inflation , Christian conversions etc etc .

Western dramatics firm working day and night  to ruin the Sanatan Culture of India since more than 300 years are truly afraid of him , therefore ,  collectively considering him as an obstacle and over fear ,  trying to defame the innocent saint via Black media of India since  10 years  . I have a msg for them ,

“Jo sanatan na mita , raavan ki Hunkar se ,

Wo Sanatan kya mitega , in dirty(black media) keedo ke vaar se ….”







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