Asharam Bapu is guilty , I accept

Ha Bhai haaaa…. Asaramji Bapu is largely guilty…. but spare a minute to find out his real offenses…

Who says that Bapuji is not guilty. His list of offenses are so long that its tough to list them all out ..

– He organises satsang in which he enlightens people on how to overcome daily household, employment, social or religious hurdles so that they may lead a peaceful and prosperous life.

– He persuades people on how to get rid of meat, alcohol and other addictions so that people may live a happy life without any addictions.

– He organises Dhyan Yog programs in which people are explained how to maintain a balanced mental and physical life so that they have active health and composed mind.

– He offers spiritual initiation to children and elders at large using mantras and encourages children to attain great success in their education and elders to attain accomplishments in worldly activities and spiritual front.

– Under His able guidance, there are more than 17,000 Bal sanskar kendras running across the country where children are imbibed with moral, religious and social education. This includes giving respect to elders and being dutiful towards your nation, being patriotic and adopting the Indian culture so that later we can look up to them as the ideal citizens.

– In India and abroad, all his ashrams are immersed in bhajans, kirtans, discourses and much more which improve upon all three aspects of a prosperous life, body, mind and wealth. Along with this, they are taught how to overcome addictions to encourage them to become ideal citizens!

– All His seva committees, devotees rush to any place afflicted with natural disasters like earthquake, floods, storms, etc.. and offer help to them without any support of government and offer grains, money, clothes, medicines, etc. and support them in any other way possible in their time of need.

– He raises his voice against Christian missionaries which catch hold of helpless, frail persons and attempt to convert them, Bapuji works hard to bring them back into our own religion.
– He serves the cows and desires that killing of cows be stopped permanently. Cows that are likely to be culled, are brought back to their sheds and serve them, at the same time bringing their cow milk and cow’s urine to good public use.

– Under His able guidance and direction, ayurvedic clinics are runs which cure many people of even the deadliest diseases for a very minimal cost while ensuring that there are no operations needed or side effects associated with the treatment.

– He is always alert towards preserving Hindu religion and with full body, mind and wealth engages actively in all Hindu gatherings and openly confronts those who oppose it.

– He visits the backward communities and serves the Daridra Narayans by helping them with food, clothes and housing to the best of His capacity trying to blend them into the normal section of the society.

– He openly speak forth about politicians who try to fool the public or loot public wealth and is not afraid of uncovering tainted or corrupt politicians.

– In all His Gurukuls, students are provided highest quality education for reasonable expenses and also imbibed with selfless service and Indian cultural values. As a result, outcomes of such schools are outstanding which has become a headache for the English medium schools run by Christian missionaries who have made a business out of schooling and it completely devoid of cultural ethics.

– He extols the virtues of leading a simple living, high thinking and encouraging the use of domestic goods so that our country can become self sufficient and rid itself of the foreign debt, thereby strengthening our local economy and make all citizens financially prosperous.

Thats it!!! I am now tired of listing out Bapuji’s offenses and you too must be tired of reading it. So, I wont write anymore. But will plead to those politicians, ministers and rulers that Bapuji has been put in a very small jail as compared to the grave offenses He has committed…. Think up, something big…. and my dear fellow citizens, as long as your home is safe, you can relax comfortably and watch this drama of saints…. When this nation once again becomes a slave to a foreigner, then you will no choice, but to shed tears of blood ….

Share with others…. Wake up… Hindu.. Wake up!


One thought on “Asharam Bapu is guilty , I accept

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