Human law or Religion ?

Neither a matter of Hindu as a religion, nor an affair of Islam as a religion, however, matter of Righteousness.

Maulana Imaam bukhari , a well-known Islam religious leader abducted in criminal cases ,67 non-bail warrants and even while honorable Supreme Court summons orders to arrest him , no catch yet made against him .

The check to authenticity of equal Law arises when on one hand Delhi police, controlled by central govt. was eager to write  FIR against a Hindu saint Shree Asharam Bapu in midnight 2’o clock mysteriously is now no more interested to reveal real crimes of Bukhari and arrest him even if he is booked under 67 non-bail warrants.

A Saint who is working endlessly to unite the religions, create harmony, uplift and empower poor .He was arrested midnight during a severe pain of trigeminal neuralgia without genuine proofs, everything was planned and intentional pressure was created to arrest him all over, regardless of concrete evidences .Every possible defamation on basis of just a FIR. The complete media drama offered wonder to TRP’s.

On other hand , dogmatic media are no more interested to arrest a scandalous Bukhari who openly challenges and defy the orders of court , abuses Bharat mata, load people with Violent comments to divide on religion basis , only interested for benefits of one religion on the basis of unwise egocentric criteria’s.

When Saint Shree Asharam Bapu empathized devotees not to support Congress while expressing the social hurt looking at not to be ignored data of endless sufferings, corruption, inflation, crimes and religion conversions of Hindus during last 10 years under the vampire of congress, during one of his Satsang, soon after, an immense hype was created against and quickly he was sent to jail.

Maulana Bukhari , Priest of Jama Masjid who appealed Muslim voters, no more in minority after the 2011 population census to vote for congress as Muslims will get an edge over reservations , pass religion favour bill to make sure violence swings and Hindus are attacked legally. The Topic is not covered under Paid Media. No arrest yet credits Pro-congi shake hands.

For each one of counting brothers in Islam, Christianity and Hindus whose ancestors were converted, tortured whilst Mughals and British barbarity prevailed in India correspondingly, it’s high time to churn and identify what is right !


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