Financial status of Sant Asharam Bapu ! Interesting ..

Right to Information:-

For the last few days the newspapers are rife with reports of the ‘Ten thousand crore’ empire of Sant Asharamji Bapu. Well, I have got some questions regarding this;

1) Who’re asking these questions?

2) Is the news true at all?

3) Considering it’s true, “Should it matter ?”

The police commissioner of Surat has gone on record saying that the net worth of Bapuji’s assets is Ten thousand crore rupees!!! Well, if the commissioner(Asthana) says so, I guess it must be true…But let’s recap for a moment:

i. Did not the Gujarat High court castigate the Surat Police (headed by Commissioner Asthana) for illegally declaring Narayan Sai as an absconder? When in fact (as said by the High court), he was actually exercising his constitutional rights ?

ii. Also the Rohini District Court, Delhi ‘castigated’ Surat Police Commissioner Asthana for not bringing the necessary documents when the latter approached the Rohini court. In fact, to everybody’s surprise, the respective Police wasn’t left with any other choice other than showing the required documents to the honourable Judge through their Mobile phone using WhatsApp!

iii .Local police under direction of Asthana had fabricated the 7 crore bribe case 

Another point to ponder over is: did Sant Asharamji Bapu, ever say or acknowledge about the aforesaid empire? This may sound stupid, but then does the media even have a ‘clean track record’ of sending the correct news without any bias? Haven’t we been getting ‘news’ of:

Rape, “Absconding” Narayan Sai, “Suicide” by hundreds of girls in all Gurukuls ,Bholanand,Rahul Sachan, etc . This news later turned out to be false. Not to get into the details, but we have very well found that the media is not a ‘Neutral platform’ to be seeked out for “true” and “reliable” news.!

Regarding the media, a former KGB intelligence officer has gone on record as saying that “The media has tremendous power and its used to form predetermined opinions in the mind of masses’

So this blows the lid off the trust worthiness of the Media , the Commissioner and relevant powers that be. Now let’s assume for a second that the accusations are true.

My next question is should it even matter?

a) Bapuji has 4-8 crore disciples. Assuming, Bapuji has on an average five crore disciples, then if each disciple donates Rs 2000/- (USD 35 ), over the course of 30 yrs, this amount would easily be reached. So wondering whether this amount should not be a question mark for anybody. The disciples have given that wealth out of free will and without any coercion and the money is on the name of a registered trust. So definitely it’s no one’s business as to why Sant Asharamji Bapu has so much wealth. It’s a matter of concern between the Registered Trust on whose name the money is and the Disciples. So ‘Hands off’ !

b) Bapuji has used this money for everybody, but himself ! He has visited 600+ locations on the repeated requests of his disciples for the purpose of giving “satsangs”(spiritual discourse) . During this time he preferred Car/Rail journey. When the travelling became hectic, he started using Planes (here too he preferred ‘Economy class’) and when even that became too much of a hectic he started using (on certain occasions) Helicopters (here too, the cost was borne by not him or the Ashram trust but by those who wanted to spend time with him and the air-fare was less than that of an equivalent helicopter fare per person ! )

c) For the last many decades Bapuji has been consistently been in the service to the mankind. Undertaking many charities and People empowerment initiatives! His various Sewa karyas (Charitable activities) spans various fields and have been utilised in improving the lives of milllions

Pursuant to His Guidance and instructions, a number of sewa activities are conducted by ASHRAM / YOG VEDANTA SEWA SAMITI. There are more than 425 ashrams across the world serving the nation by spiritualism and holding meditation camps and more than 1400 samitis functional under aegis of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. There are more than 17,000 Bal Samsakara Kendras for inculcating good habits in children and more than 50 gurukuls across nation; projecting virtues in children, conducting a number of sewa activities, just to name a few of those:


Saving Cows (numerous gaushala opened by Bapuji trust to save them from hands of slaughterers)

Rural development
Children empowerment
Free meditation Shibirs/camps
Health care/mobile medical facilities
Disaster Relief
Nasha Mukti Programs
Yuva Sewa Sangh (Special Youth Programs)
Mahila Utthaan Mandal (Women Empowerment) etc.
Employement & food for Aadiwasi (missionaries target them to convert inChristianity)

I Hope we can estimate the amount of charity money that is required to do all sewa .

Now let me ask some questions to the “Media”:

How did normal salaried journalists like Sardesai , barkha dutt , deepak chaurasia & many more possess more than 500 crore empire ?????

i. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church has his own Country , Castle,Various luxury cars, and travels with aplomb in various Private jets !

ii. Money spent by the Roman Catholic church is used in religious conversion activities throughout the world in general and India in particular (please look up the ’10/40’ window and the ‘Joshua Project’, there are people praying for you to be released from the clutches of the ‘demon’ viz; Hinduism!) surpasses millions of billions of dollars .

iii. Mother Teresa advocated the poor to die in agony as she has famously said that ‘There is something beautiful, in the suffering of the poor and downtrodden as it reminds us of the suffering of Jesus Christ ! Although it’s worth mentioning that she has traveled the world to collect funds for ‘healing the poor and untouchables of India’ , So it’s weird she did not use it to heal them. When she was ill, she visited the best of Medical institutions and splurged money for this . This part was never reported to us .

Will Indian Paid media ( congress funded ever show this)?

Isn’t this ‘spreading mis-information’ ?

We have the opinion that people who are serving the society in any capacity must be given due respect and cooperation. So what if Asharam ji Bapu Ashram is earning millions of rupees by selling numerous products.Why anybody should have any concern on it…indeed it shows the potential of religious leaders to earn their own bread and butter and invest for people.

An article published in India Today claimed that AsharamJi Bapu Ashram is earning one crore from monthly magazine “RishiPrasad“…so what is unnatural thing about it….at least we should be proud on it that it is able to sustain itself and make profit by publishing good articles ranging from Bhagvad Geeta,Ramayan,satsang and life stories of Great Saints,etc. At least this Ashram is not publishing redundant and useless material to earn money just like “mast ram” or any “porn material”…why there is no hue and cry for the publication and open selling of “porn Videos” or “porn books”….why we feel tensed if video Cds of satsang are getting good response from the people.

Mr Madhukar Gupta of India Today must come out with the answers of these questions.

We feel ashamed whenever we encounter articles or charges against any Saint without any base or proper findings.

Now,since truth has been revealed…We must be united and work together to prevent any further damage to the reputation of the Asharam ji Bapu Ashram….They have changed the life of millions of deprived and underprivileged…Society must come forward to repay the debt at least partially at this crucial juncture when Ashram is facing rough weather.



3 thoughts on “Financial status of Sant Asharam Bapu ! Interesting ..

  1. This medias are foreign sleeves for money Their aim is to destroy Vadic science and to develop modern fake science for money So doing very barbarian way

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