A Scientific Research

Scientifically and Technically, Why I as an Intellect should not bother about media coverage against Pujya Sant shree Asharamji Bapu ? Here’s a Research on media trials, running against a visionary Spiritual leader with modern research concepts!

1. Lack of Empirical Evidences: 

According to Mr GA Lundberg , Asaramji Bapu is innocent till proven guilty because the claim that molestation has taken place is devoid of any “ EMPIRICAL EVIDENCES” and the hypothesis of rape and molestation are just “ tentative generalizations , the authenticity of which remains to be tested.”

( What is a hypothesis? – Hypothesis is a general proposition or estimation formulated to determine something. It may be correct or incorrect)

2. Objectivity: 

According to R.E. Chaddock, a hypothesis or hypothetical theory ( here the dirty allegation against Pujya Gurudev Param Pujya Sant Sri Asharamji Bapu) must be free from “bias” of the researcher.
In India, all the media groups are ferociously famous for being “ PRESSTITUTES” or paid media pimps. The 4th pillar of Indian Democracy runs only on money . News is not reported, News is generated and manipulated accordingly to earn billions . How can one expect that the news delivered is free from personal prejudice and preconceived notions when most of the media groups are owned and funded by foreign nationals ?

3. Manipulated Research Designs:
According to David and Nachmias , eminent research methodologists , “ A rearch design actually constitutes the blue print for collection , measurement and analysis of the data” . 

Now for most of the media channels, the research design for investigative journalism constitutes of hidden sting operations which are doctored and tampered with vested interests. They can go to any extent to create illusory sting operations to defame someone. This provides them with the further framework for defamation of their particular target. In this case of Pujya Bapuji, some media channels created a similar doctored sting operation , posing as a refugee , a female journalist begged for protection claiming to be a victim of a multi billion scam back In the US. Bapu being a great Saint asked her not to worry and provided support.

She went on to falsely promise to build an ashram for Dharma for free of cost for altruistic purposes and this being an altruistic sewa for dharma, bapu agreed. But this was shown and aired as a “ BRIBE” for protecting an “ AMERICAN CRIMINAL” in many leading channels.
This is how media conmen terrorize and subvert the mindsets of innocent people who rely on them for knowledge and information.

4. Determination of Sample Universe or Sampling Design:
What is a Universe? In Research Methodology, a universe refers to the type or group of people ( sample) from which the research information can be collected. Now what if the entire universe is corrupt?
What is information is collected from people who were evicted from ashrams of Bapuji for all kinds of wrongdoings? What is their credibility? 
When media chanels support criminals who were thrown out of the ashrams and sponsor them to debate against genuine disciples of Bapuji and supporters of hindusim in misleading and one sided Media Debates….What is the CREDIBILITY of those Media channels ……..who defame someone as a rapist , when it is the media channels who air the advertisements of condoms and deodorants and birth control pills the most? 
All the 56 witnesses against bapuji are paid stooges.

5. No Genuine exploratory research on the case:
When the FIR doesn’t mention about rape but molestation………
And given that even a mere touch on the head for blessing someone can be misconstrued as an act of sexual violation or molestation or as an attempt to outrage someones modesty according to the POSCO act, is it not evident now that the research that was meant to be analytical is actually unstructured and illusory in nature? Now this will mean that any male handshaking with his female friend can be under future threat of being charged with a molestation case…

6. Poor quality of research work and misleading conclusion:
According to Donald Tull and Dell Hawkins, the media reports , allegations , character assassination and projection of Bapuji as a criminal is full of poor research , or research motivated by anti-social and anti- hindu sponsorers. Hence the allegations against Bapuji is misleading and inaccurate.

7. No Verification : None of the stupid media reports are verified .

8. No Accuracy: none of the media channels or stooges for coerced religious conversions have a history of accurate news reporting………since Independence.

9. Generalization: Prejudices and stereotypical thinking and projection of saints as : DHONGI BABAS” by the western media and MIYAWOOD/ MULLAWOOD alias BOLLYWOOD is a mere example of how one sidelines or characterizes someone as a criminal or a wrong doer. 

Media Dependency on inductive and deductive techniques :
Mr H.A . LArrabee states that “ if the extreme media rationalists (deductionists) are like spiders spinning out theories from within, the extreme media empiricist inductionists can be compared to ants who pile up useless and baseless allegations and cheap tactics to defame hindu saints.

10 . Lack of Ethical Neutrality:
The very basic ethics of media and news reporting are not followed by 98% of the media groups in India. 
They have forgotten morality and ethics of standard media principles and codes of conduct and stooped down to alarming levels of what can be described as brothels of misinformation….

11. Manipulation of news : People know that all the news and information are not really verified and authentic ones. They also realize today that most of the idio-ridiculous data or information explosion is with an intention to mentally subvert the HINDUS. Arrest of Pujya Bapuji is one of the best examples.

12. Purposive Investigation:
Even according to Dr Pauline V Young, any investigation is a scientific undertaking where the end result or derivation of the respective conclusion will be directly or indirectly influenced by the ultimate purpose of the stereotypical thinking of the investigator. Thus , it means that paid media stooges and media barons , reporters, anchors, reporters, print media and social news channels and pages are all streamlined by their own mental prejudicial and preconceived jargon’s.



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