Sympathizing Mr. Conspirator A.Prajapati

10thJune, 2014 Amrut Prajapati died, the news has uninterruptedly spread all over the media articles.

Amrut Prajapati responsible spreading venom against Sant shree Asharam Bapuji and his ashrams across all paid media channels since years is dead. Does that mean, blame of this too has to be held on Bapuji and his followers head without any clear evidences?

Currently , Bapuji is in Strict Police custody of Jodhpur Central Jail , Did he made a call from there ,acc to Media assumptions– YESSS.. In the AIR hanging without directions , everything is possible and that’s where media culprits reside nowadays !

Is it some fashion nowadays of not casting fair news seriously and just connecting Masala out of events?

A brief history of misdeeds of Amrut Prajapati in last many years –

Starting 2005,
– Amrut Prajapati, x ayurvedic vaidya was expelled from ashram due to his misdeeds of misbehaving with women in ashram and also for looting patients, sending patients to his own contracted hospitals, selling medicines of the ashram at his own clinic.
Patients who visited Parajapati confirm the same.
Starting off from his yearly accusations on Bapuji, All of them were later Proved Fake!

2008 –
1. Amrut Prajapati covered his wife in Burkha (a black dress in which the face in covered) and organized a press conference in which he asked his wife to make fake sexual allegations on Bapuji. For hours, media sensationalized this baseless news. But after 4 months when it was proved that this allegation was false media didn’t cared to air the right news.
2. Amrut Prajapati admitted the fact that on 20th August 2008 he and another conspirator Raju Chandak had met the so called Aughad sukharam in a guest house in Ahmedabad. He had telephonic discussions with Raju Chandak and sukharam number of times as well. Raju Chandak admitted in a sting operation that he and his associates that includes Prajapati had engaged sukharam to make accusations against pujya Bapuji by paying 4000 rupees ,liquor and supply girls to sukharam. Right after Five days, 26th August 2008 sukharam made accusation against Pujya Bapuji.
The allegations were again Proved FAKE!

2010 –
Amrut Gulabchandra Prajapati alleged that black magic was being practiced in Ashram. Media had sensationalized his words. Thereafter, In the course of 6 hours long cross examination on 13th March 2010 in front of D.K. Trivedi Commission, he admitted “I don’t know anything about black magic I have not enquired into the questions as to what black magic is and how it is practiced. In the course of my stay I did not see any act of black magic. It is correct that my reference to black magic pertains to the time after I left the ashram.” PROVED FAKE!
CID after complete verification in Ashram premises and questioning gave clean chit and found allegations on ashram were baseless.

2013 – Current Jodhpur case
1. Prajapati alleged, he has seen bapuji with girls in different postures, the statement was tampered and spread immensely on news channels.
Interestingly, Prajapati never roamed anywhere even in circumference where bapuji gave satsang and stayed. Hundreds of other devotes are seen around Bapuji day and night , media did not bother about confirming the same before maligning a devout saint and spreading cheap allegations.
Prajapati who was expelled from ashram was showcased as most honest man by news anchors.
2. Another statement in which he said, Opium (Panched booti drug) referring to the ashram in Panched,M.P , is harvested here and served to Bapuji . Ideally, if anyone consumes even a small amount of drug, medical reports could never be normal, so acc to him if 75 year old Bapuji is consuming drug since years, how can all his blood reports and medical reports came out to be normal. Each Doctor in complete court Panel declared it as false allegation!
Later, when police went to M.P ashram they found nothing – news Proved FAKE.
2014 –
Prajapati was arrested for trying to sneak into an event that was hosted by PM Narendra Modi. He camouflaged his identity as K.J Patel, which led to his immediate arrest by the police officials. There was no clarification given as to why he was at the rally or what was his intention, but considering the ploy he was making, it is presumed that there was definitely something sinister about his attendance in the said rally.
The police officials acted quickly and Prajapati was taken into custody immediately.Prajapati was taken to Gandhi Nagar sector 8 police station and interrogation was under way. This clearly demonstrates the gruesome level of person who has a history of making unverified statements.
2014 May-
Prajapati was shot by gun and was soon taken to nearby hospital .He was out of the danger later on, as told by doctor.
To be noted – Bholanand who confessed about leveling fake allegations under pressure of conspirators reveals in his speech where he says – it was hashed upon if they are caught each other anywhere , they should attack each other with knife gun blade etc & put the blame on ashram & this was what exactly done very recently.
Media had supported all the censure successfully.
Prajapati misdeeds were also confirmed and confessed in open speech at Sant sammellan by Bholanand, who was brainwashed by Amrut Prajapati some time back and was forced to put fake allegations , few months ago.

Right after a month, Amrut Prajapati dies today in hospital .Off course, there’s no one who can kill him in hospital in front of hundreds of other.
If this is how the past of Amrut Prajapati was, can we trust allegations made by him on Asaram Bapu or Is he even qualified to be associated as an Aide of Pujya Bapuji ?
Now here are few questions to ponder upon –

— Why did Prajapati not raise all these issues when he was expelled in 2005 when he had all the connections to take possible action against Pujya Bapuji? How come he suddenly woke up with all malefic ideas?

– Over the years, Prajapati defied all the self knitted accusations above. It’s been years of drama by him, why suddenly would Bapuji and his sadhkas even want to harm Prajapati when they know it’s a critical time of hearings in Jodhpur case and any harm would affect case adversely.
– Undoubtedly, there is big amount of money funded for this game. Sadhaks of Bapuji are not terrorist, they are simple common people who have been prey of violence and hatred by police and others already due to awfully biased coverage of Media against them .

-Who has masterminded this malicious campaign to disparage Bapuji and His ashrams? Why is a section of media prejudiced against Bapuji and His Ashrams? Why are they manipulating and suppressing the RIGHT facts? Why are they not affording to show sting operation and valid coverage of Amrut prajapati and Raju Lambu’s as Frauds, and why open confession of Bholanand was not aired?



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