Helicopter Crash 2012

– Hundreds of people constantly watch this blue color vehicle at sky and wait for its safe landing.

– Pieces of helicopter could be seen burning right after its fall off on ground. None of them can believe they just saw a crash. 8 passengers sitting in helicopter and there wasn’t a chance of survival for any.

August 2012, nearly 2 Years ago, a crash destructed helicopter awfully.

– News was a headline in all media papers and Breaking news for Reporter special.

Pujya sant shree Asharam Bapuji travelling in helicopter was convincingly significant reason for TRP holder headline of  the BREAKING news! 

– Breaking news transformed to wonder news.

A miracle happened in the midst of all chaos –

Dharmo rakshati rakshitah ..

It was a marvel, right after incident happened in Godhra; Pujya Gurudev reached to satsang place with the same joyful saintly expressions, explained about the severity of the incident and then illuminated sadhaks with importance of Vedic mantras like Mahamrityunjaya Jap in his life which saved him and disciple passengers including Pilot as well. Surprisingly , not even minute injury was observed.

Coming back to the crash, Helicopter crashes are usually due to

– Malfunctioning of electric source

– Failure of mechanical components.

Right before 100 feet, pilot lost control due to malfunctioned parts and helicopter was no more in balanced state.

Break down was not a co-incidence; a well plotted act.


That was another attempt of foreign powers to attack Divine Saint.

Eventually, when numerous earlier plans of defamation Failed! They still could notice increase in numbers of  Bapuji followers each day, so it did not gave a good sleep to Adharmis and hence they planned to make a crash in helicopter, Failed again!

Aug 2013 – When crash did not help either, Adharmis made a comeback with conspiracy right after  year of planning and were able to defame Bapuji in fake sexual assault case , the news grilled with masalas was served as Rape case by MAINSTREAM MEDIA, defamation coverage of several months was successfully done to mislead innocent mango minds .




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