Pareeksha Times 2013-2014, 365 days crossed!

Asaramji Bapu

1 year of continual pain has its anniversary today, one of the cruelest acts in mankind’s history when The Innocents went in Jail and Criminals earned fame, money, compassion, and sympathy. Phew!

It had happened in world certain times due to rise of materialistically greedy beings in power but this time we the people who used to listen stories of such episodes in past did witness in present.

A revolutionary chronicle with numerous protests and political turning points prolongs.

During a year, Paid news channels made wonderful TRP’s, Ignorant flooded social media posts, all on name of Holy Sant Pujya AsharamJi Bapu. Anyways, whatever abuses were/are targeted on innocent Saint and his followers is a history than and stupidity now.

BUT wait Justice is still awaited, the question is not about who is innocent, a sensible shall seek the decision from court. But how many have yet learnt to be…

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