10 Reasons every Indian must know why Asharam Bapu targeted

It is well known that none of the Self Realized saints were ever untouched by defamation .

Asharam Bapu is undoubtedly THE greatest saint of 21st century .With over 40 Years of Selfess Service, Over 425 Ashrams, more than 1400 Samitis and 17000+ Balsanskars, 50+ Gurukuls, atleast 60 Millions of Sadhaks,Devotees & Followers.

Apart from the above mentioned facts Asharam Bapu is a hardcore Deshbhakta & Nationalist . And is the force to reckon with .His literature apart from guiding the spiritual aspirant to the highest level of consciousness, also addresses a wide field from health to peaceful family life to correct lifestyle among others.The children at Balsankars & of sadhak families are taught from childhood to respect the motherland , to be proud of their rich culture & heritage , to be a proud Hindu .

Major attacks on Asharam Bapu started when the Italian waitress Sonia Gandhi came to power in 2004.

1. Sonia Madam,Bharat Chhodo

Asharam Bapu orders Sonia Gandhi to leave india newspapercutting . madam bharat chhodo सोनिया मैडम भारत छोड़ो
Sonia, Leave India

Asharam Bapu was THE ONLY dignitary to have said this . Others were just muttering under their breaths

[मुझे एक वाकया याद आ गया.. जब संत आशारामजी यहाँ आये हुए थे । ड्राईवर भूषण और एक अंगद सेवक बापूजी के पास बैठे थे । संत श्री लेटे हुए थे। उस समय पिछले चुनाव के परिणाम घोषित हुए थे।सेवक ने अख़बार पढकर खबर सुनाई- सोनिया का प्रधानमंत्री बनना तय। कल होगी घोषणा।बस दूसरे दिन सोनिया शपथ लेने वाली थी।

सुनते ही बापूजी बोले- हट ! अगले सैकड़ों जन्मों तक भी नही बन सकती

सेवक- परन्तु पूरी तयारी हैं कल तो शपथ लेगी?

संतश्री- अरे ब्रह्मवाक्य हैं ये. कोई ताकत नही बदल सकती।और किसी न किसी निमित्त से माहौल बना ..विरोध हुआ। और दूसरे दिन परिस्थितिया ही बदल गई]

2.Destroyed Xian Proselytization in Tribals Belts of India

Asharamji Bapu vs Xian missionaries.
Bapuji destroyed conversion
Pope John paul convert heathen India
Pope John Paul in India with Sonia & Rajiv Gandhi

3. Vehemently Opposed Destruction of Shri Ram Setu

Bapuji slammed thegovt on Sethusamudram Project
Bapuji slammed the govt on Sethusamudram Project ,

Mega mother of all scams – Thorium scam .The reason why Ram setu was to be broken

It was Homi Bhabha’s vision that Indians will go for Thorium Nuclear reactors, considering that we have the world’s best Thorium reserves, in the Monazite sands of Kerala. Thorium has 150 times more power than Uranium, and does NOT run the risk of meltdown or explosion.

Our president Abdul Kalam had told on national television years back that India must develop Thorium based nuclear reactors. Thorium contains 150 times more energy than Uranium and is the MOST efficient combustible .

India is world’s No 1 in Thorium nuclear reactor R&D, ahead of USA, Russia and China.  Thorium is safe and not prone to runaway reactions, and its waste products remain dangerous for a shorter period..Thorium is the energy for the future and everybody knows India’s potential in this field.

The contract for SethuSamudran would be given to a american company who under the garb of dredging would take away all the sand to US. Thus keeping the land at the mercy of nature besides desytroying the rich biodiversity . It was because of Shri Ram Setu that areas beyond Tamil Nadu were protected

4.Parents Worship Day on 14 February

An initiative of Asharam ji Bapu, Parents worship day was a response to the immoral Valentine's Day
BBC covers the trend #HappyParentsWorshipDay

The celebrations of such days as that of ‘Valentine’s ’ have been the main reason behind degeneration of moral values of the nations that have discarded the traditional sexual values, and are encouraging people to lead an immoral life. This has caused the degradation of such nations. Seven percent of American children now have sex even before they have become teenagers. 85 percent of American males and 77 percent of American females have had sex by the age of 19. Even after spending crores of dollars on ‘abstinence only’ campaigns in schools, the governments of these nations are unable to solve the consequence problems. Therefore, countries like India should preserve their traditional sexual values by imposing a ban on ‘Valentine’s Day’, and the government must encourage institutions, which promote ethical values so that such problems may never arise in this country.

As per the Innocenti Report card no.3, at least 1.25 million teenagers become pregnant each year in the 28 OECD nations. Of those, approximately half a million seek abortion and approximately three quarters of a million become teenage mothers. 4,94,000 teen births are accounted for by the United States. Every year some 3 million American teenagers contract a sexually transmitted infection (about 1 in every 4 sexually experienced teenagers).

5.Cow Protection

Bapuji has more than 5000 cows , whose dung urine ,milk, etc provides employment to millions of poor
Saving & nourishing cows rescued from being taken to slaughter houses
Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram, Nevai houses over 4700 cows. Some years back there was a terrible drought in Rajasthan and these cows were being sent to slaughter houses.
Moved by the plight of the cows, Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu intervened and acquired all the above cows after compensating the farmers, the cows were acquired. But how to sustain them in a water scarce region? Where to mobilize funds for their fodder and sustenance? And the fact that these cows were being sent to slaughter houses was a pointer that these cows were not rich milk-yielding cows. So income from sale of milk produce would not suffice to sustain the cows.
So a distillation plant was set up here in Newai and now you have gau mutra being sold as gau jharan ark (filtered concentrate) at all ashrams.The cow dung too has immense purifying value. It is also a fuel . So you have cow dung being used at Newai ashram for manufacture of gau chandan dhoop battti. Pujya Bapuji mentions that he invariably uses gau chandan dhoop batti in his meditation room in preference to other dhoop vatti as it helps in cleansing the bad vibes .Another medicinal produce from cow is panch gavya- a mixture of cow milk, cow ghee, cow dung, cow urine, cow curd.The cow dung at Newai ashram is also being used to manufacture khechua khaad(a special type of compost manure). These manure has found a huge demand in the tea gardens of Assam.Another spin off benefit of the Newai ashram has been that it has created lot of employment opportunity for the local villagers, who were without any livelihood in this arid region.Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram provides source of livelihood to more than 200 families of Newai and villages nearby.

6.De-Addiction Campaigns

Such de addiction campaigns have bought losses in millions of rupees to MNCs
De Addiction campaigns inspired by Bapuji

7.Reviving Indian Education through Gurukuls

 MODERN EDUCATION n VEDIC SANSKARS overall PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT not seen in regular schools-pic students surya arya n science lab pink
Sant Shri Asharamji Gurukuls


 Vedas vs Macaulay
Vedas vs Macaulay

Asharam ji  Bapu exposed convents as a front of missionaries which start mind control of young fresh minds by injecting poison about Hindu Gods,culture & religion . Gurukuls reversed this trend , apart from this the result is spectacular too.

8.Never bowed down to Desh-Drohi Foreign Funded Media

Media asking for  "package "
youtube-Bapuji advises media
Aajtak demanding Rs 1 billion
Aajtak demanding Rs 1 billion

Many times the Xian missionary /wahabi funded media demanded money in the forms of “package ” from Asharam Bapu with a threat to air false & misleading and doctored news against Him. Bapuji never paid a dime

9.Losses to multi national companies in India

Economics hit hard
Economics hit hard

The economic reasons are very obvious now that sadhaks are using the products of ashram like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, oil, dhoop bati, agarbati and hundreds of Ayurvedic products etc.causing a huge monetary loss to the multinationals who want to capture the Indian market by hook or by crook.
The other economic reason is that whosoever becomes a sadhak shuns or avoids tea, coffee, cold drinks,, cigarette, liquor, processed meat and other fast food. These products are mostly made by multinational brands that are losing a vast market share and a significant chunk of their profits as the sadhaks are avoiding these products. So in order to sell their products they want sadhaks to become non-sadhaks or non-believers. In order to achieve this nefarious design they implant false and frivolous stories and controversies on our Satgurus so that at least some people are weaned away from our Dharma gurus.

10. Stupid Gullible Hindu

subramaniam swamy
gullible Hindu

The gullible Hindus do not see the bigger game plan of the Anti-Hindu Forces and their covert way to defame Hindu saints.


7 thoughts on “10 Reasons every Indian must know why Asharam Bapu targeted

  1. It’s a real and useful article for understanding Hinduism and understand about SANT SHREE ASARAMJI BAPU …Jay hind

  2. Nice to see a post which gives a brief idea about the case of Asaram Bapu. Am sure this will help all of us understand the grave danger hinduism is in today! Nice work.
    By the way where does Modi/BJP/RSS stand in this matrix ? Just asking !

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