Asharam Bapu running away from the police

Exposing how #paidMedia changed the total case on Asaram Bapu ji by behaving as the “Self-Styled Judge!!

“Media Trial :
Asaram bapu was trying to run away and was hiding from Police, to skip the arrest!

Face off:
1. In our judicial system, everyone has d right to apply for getting the interim bail against any arrest warrant, if one is not well on health grounds.

2. Bapuji at that time was suffering from severe health issues [medical reports provided to media too],thus applied for interim bail & was waiting for the court’s order.

3. Meanwhile he had to go for Surat ‘Janmashtami-Utsav’.

4. Eventually, that time only, one of his closest devotees-cum-relative at Indore passed away by a severe heart Page on attend his funeral..Bapuji had to move to Indore, from where He was finally arrested!

5. When Media started showing fake news of “hiding from police”, Narayan Sai himself sent a fax to Jodhpur police to tell them about the location!

> All these updates about Bapuji were being covered by media only at every second!

> If media was showing all these things,how can it be said that Bapuji was hiding?



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