What Is Brahmacharya In Married Life?

Asaramji Bapu


Lord Siva said:

न तपस्तप इत्याहुर्ब्रह्मचर्यं तपोत्तमम् |

ऊर्ध्वरेता भवेद्यस्तु स देवो न तु मानुषः ||

“Celibacy alone is the supreme penance. Of course, other penances (such as keeping fast and silence etc …) are good in their place, but they are all inferior to Brahmacharya. That Urdhvareta saint who has done penance over the restraint of the sexual organ is not a human-being but God.”

Brahmacharya is also hailed in Jain scriptures.

तवेसु वा उत्त्मं बंभचेरम् |

Brahmacharya is the supreme penance.”

Lead a well-regulated, moderate married life. Even as a householder you can be a Brahmachari, by sticking to the principles of Grihastha Dharma, by moderation and regular worship of God. Marriage should not in any way lead you downwards in your spiritual path. You should keep the spiritual fire ever blazing. You should make your wife also understand the real glory of a spiritual life…

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