Truth Stands Revealed Scandal Mongers like Amrit Vaidya Exposed

Some opportunistic elements have taken on themselves to malign Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu through their odious tricks and have to that end invented false stories in extremely deplorable and utterly futile attempts at tarnishing the whiter than white image of Pujya Bapuji. The attempts of these elements to mislead the society are being relentlessly carried out to date. But dailies published from Amdavad Nirmal Gujarat, Lokamitra, Karmaputra, Gujarat Pravah, Gujarat Mitra, Alpaviram, Bindu and others – tell us what the elements bent on maligning Bapuji are getting in return. It has been said, VERSE ‘Tormenters of saints lose the three – lustre, vigour and family.’ This is what is happening to detractors of Pujya Bapuji. Someone is behind the bars; another is ready to abscond; some are facing discord and conflicts at their homes; someone has become half-lunatic; someone’s family members are seeking forgiveness; while the police are on the lookout for someone. Thus all these people are facing nature’s wrath.

News reports say that Rajesh Solanki, who schemed to malign Bapuji and Nagji Desai who caused damage to the Ashram in Bapunagar area at Amdavad have landed in jail thanks to their black deeds. Sukharam, the so-called ‘aghori’ who had levelled false allegations at Bapuji had claimed to be a disciple of one Gambhira Baba, said to be a descendent in the tradition of renowned saint Kinnaram. But enquiries to saint Kinnaram’s Varanasi Ashram have revealed that no disciple by the name of Sukharam or Gambhira Baba is connected to their Ashram. The people who had earlier been duped by Sukharam had filed police complaints against him who is now absconding as the police are after him. People say that even the notorious Amrit Vaidya will soon be behind bars for his evil deeds.

Amrit Vaidya who had failed in running his own clinic had come to the Ashram after selling off all the effects at his clinic and converting the sale proceeds thereof into a Fixed Deposit in the name of his father. After some time, greed and dishonesty got the better of him and he started prescribing non-required and costlier medicines to patients coming to the Ashram and sending them to his own ‘Bhaktiyoga Pharmacy’ thus making them undergo costly and non-required treatment there. His primary objective became to extract money from patients coming out of faith in Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu. Even complaints of indecent behaviour towards female patients were received. Because of such behaviour, he was expelled from the Ashram. But he tendered apologies and continued to stay. When all this became too much, he was finally expelled and the Ashram authorities refused to take him back whereupon he made it the aim of his life to malign the institution that had nursed him and saints in general. The Ashram was constrained to caution the public at large by giving notices in Vadodara’s ‘Sandesh’ dated 26th December 2005 and in Vadodara’s ‘Divya Bhaskar’ dated 27th December 2005 that Amrit Vaidya had been expelled from the Ashram and that the Ashram would not be responsible to anybody dealing with him as someone connected to the Ashram. Thereafter Amrit Vaidya played another game to extract money from the Ashram. He claimed to be a salaried employee of the Ashram and demanded his salary for past months. But he was trapped in his own net. Amritlal had clearly said in his own letter to the Commissioner of ‘Food and Drugs Regulation Authority’ Gandhinagar that he had been rendering honorary service in the Ashram. Such people lose no opportunity to become instruments in others’ hands and to mouth all sorts of nonsense against the saints. Shame on these renegade elements!

Discriminating readers! You must have by now understood the true colours of the selfish elements out to malign Pujya Bapuji and His Ashrams. Living in India, they are destroying Indian culture. This is what many wise men and newspapers say. Now all of them have been exposed and people have come to know the fate they have met.

Some channels and newspapers flashed headlines, ‘Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram at Bhavnagar bulldozed.’ Their trick failed miserably as the sadhakas all over the country were unfazed because they make phone calls and find out the truth and inform one another. It was not Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram but the land of ‘Shankar Mandir Public Trust’ at Bhavnagar that was bulldozed. Shri Shobhraj Maharaj is the founder of this trust. Even today if one visits Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram in Budhel area at Bhavnagar, one will find satsang, food-grains distribution, japa, Bal Sanskar Kendras etc. being carried out at the Ashram. This is one more in the series of false propaganda wherein the conspirators have been unmasked.

Good newspersons and newspapers wedded to truth are impelled by their very nature to save the society from being misled by exposing the elements inimical to culture and religiousness engaged in carrying out their malicious intent of maligning the saints. Some of the facts exposing the elements engaged in carrying out their malicious intent have come out. We may get more such news and startling facts in times to come.

Even as these elements are going all out to malign Bapuji and the Ashram, look at Bapuji’s magnanimity. In spite of all this, he only says, ‘May God be kind to these people as well! May God grant good sense to them! May God grant good sense to all!’

Friends! Readers! This reflects the saintliness of the saint! It is easy to shower expletives like ‘gunda’ and ‘killer’, but attaining to saintliness and living a saintly life requires tremendous amount of sacrifice. Making a show of social service is easy but rendering real service to the society is extremely difficult. Many hallowed activities are being carried out under the divine guidance and inspiration of Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu. Lakhs of people are being delivered from sorrow and disease; crores are attaining true Knowledge. Bapuji has done Indian culture proud in and outside the country. The great soul is above kith and kin, castes, creeds, sects and faiths. He belongs to all of us. If somebody, playing into the hands of alien powers, acts like throwing bones in the sacrifice of Bapuji’s divine endeavours, people will not allow it. Exposing such people and protecting Indian culture is the sacred duty of all of us. Come, let us cleanse the atmosphere of malicious propaganda and fill it with the fragrance of good publicity.


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