A Family Drama !

Talking about  that GIRL who filed complain against the Innocent Saint , she swings within so called minor and major age tag , God knows  , there’s still confusion ;  as her birth certificate says something else and LIC policy and other docs informs differently , her statement in FIR genuinely proves the falsity , there are several points  practically not possible .

By the way Who TOLD a girl can always be Trusted ,  or she has some birth written TATOO on her hand ‘ mera Baap Imaandaar hai ‘..HUH !

But yes , thanks to the friendly hands of Police , Dirty Politicians and their more dirty Paid Media … the Chor family got an edge …

Currently , There are plenty of fake cases in Court imposed by inhumane women on men .. #Biased Indian Laws


On the Basis of a JUST a statement of some low class family and their brainwashed daughter  , Bapuji is not getting bail , there have been no proof against him , NO scar found on body of girl  , All good in her Medical reports ,not even a single scratch ,  no witness in fact  , and ACTUALLY DAMN nothing .

Were Indian Laws ever so harsh on any real  terrorist and criminals  ?

What else can be –  Political Pressure — Elections — Speeding up Christian Conversions  —- Downgrade Hinduism –Attack on Cultural values Attack on the spiritual faith of Innocents (this has the dangerous effect when Karma’s ought to punish back ) , Usual Divide and Rule Policy …etc etc ………..



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